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The Tornado


At the lake this past weekend Zane and I were relaxing and watching the Olympics while Jude was playing on the floor with some cars near the kitchen. I heard a weird thud noise so I slowly walked to the kitchen to see if Luna or Jude did something. Jude was sitting on the floor with the box of muffins his GaGa had bought, one giant muffin stuffed in his mouth and he was just eating away. He saw me and gave me a look like "What? Something wrong mom?" I still have no clue how he got that high on the counter to get the muffins down but he was one happy camper just eating on the kitchen floor. Of course, being the good mom that I am, I ran for the camera.

And this is just one example of why we've given Jude this superhero name in our house, The Tornado. He is in a stage that can be described nothing short of a tornado. When we're with friends for longer than a couple of hours, they look at us and say "Wow, you guys are really busy." And they aren't talking about our calendar being packed...they are talking about keeping up with Jude! He can go through an area and within seconds find the one thing he shouldn't have, get it and take off running to the next thing.

He is just so fast! He completely thinks there is nothing that can't be touched, knocked down, thrown or spilled. It's all a game to him and then he likes to "help" clean up, which usually just makes more of a mess. Zane was busy at this age but Jude truly is at a whole other level. He sits in a lot of time outs right now as we teach him his boundaries and he fights us tooth and nail during those.

In all of this he is just so stinkin cute. He flashes his grin with his tiny dimple and lets out a laugh that makes anyone around him start laughing with him. He's totally aware of what he is doing and wants us to think it's as funny as he seems to think it is. Whew...we have lots of work to be consistent on with this little guy but darn it, we love him to death still!


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Hahaha! That picture is classic. Let's just say that Jude & Finn sound pretty much identical. I just keep telling him he's lucky he's cute :)

August 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterApril

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