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July Family Self Portrait

I have to admit that these might have been taken at the beginning of August. We had this idea and then July slipped by us and it never happened. Beginning of August counts right?! Good!

On some nights before the boys go to bed we blare the music and have a dance party in our living room. They dance around in their pjs and get all the energy out before heading to bed. It is a part of our family that I love. Of course as soon as I set up the camera Jude kept running behind it to watch it take the photo. Normally he is spinning wild circles until he gets dizzy and falls or smacks into the wall. It makes us laugh a ton and he laughs right along with us.

Here's to more dance parties in our house! Come over for one if you want to see our mad dance skills...or be scared by them!

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Ahhh this is SO adorable! Love it!

August 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGail

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